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        On this page can link you to other Slocomb family web sites listed in alphabetical order. The site can be listed be either by the web page name, or by the first name of the progenetor Slocomb on the web site, or both, the choice is yours. If the progenetor is in the Slocum book I'll include the reference number from the book and bold the listing on the Family Tree Listing page.

Caleb Slocomb [737]


Charles Slocum's Book
An online version of Volume I can be found here.

Volume II of Charles Slocum's book can be found by clicking here.

You will be directed to a new window. When you are done click File/Close tab to leave the book site.



A Silver field on a spade shield,
A red fess with
Three gold wings
in a horizontal pattern,
Three griffins heads arranged
on the silver field
in a 'two over one' pattern
facing the dexter side.

Although not supporting the shield,
there are branches of the Sloe, or Blackthorn, (prunus spinosa)
with flowers, leaves and fruit in the supporting position.



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