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Slocomb Family Tree

Slocomb Links and Researching Your Family History

Researching Family History.

Here are some general genealogy interest links I've come across in the course of doing my research. Not all the sites I've found are are listed here, but I'll keep addeding to the list as I locate or find out about others. Also, check 1) the specific "Slocomb" sites on the home page and 2) the sites on the right hand side of this page for general sites with "Slocomb" references.




Miscellaneous Slocomb Listings

As I run across or am told about general sources of "Slocomb" names I'll list them here. If the source is a web site I'll provide a link to that site. Also check on the Home page left hand column for other links.

Mount Hanly, Nova Scotia, Canada: Slocomb Cemetery

Christopher Columbus Slocomb

Captain Joshua Slocum


Be sure to evaluate and check the source of your information; you can't believe everything you read.

There are three levels of informaion available for research and are listed here in prefered order. The Highest level isn't always available and you may have to go to a lower source. As you go down in levels you will need to evaluate and check information more closely. Primary information is best - for example the original vital records for XYZ Town.

Secondary informaton is the next best and is often, for the researcher, the only source of locally available information. It is one step removed and opens up the opportunity for errors. This type of informaiton often includes reports of the original vital records and are often seen as "Vital Records of XYZ Town 1705-1850."

Terceriary information is the least reliable, but is one source that many of us rely on. Terceriary information is built on secondary sources. A family history can be built entirely on secondary sources, but doing so increases the opportunities for errors.

Remember, most everyone is descended from two family lines: your father and your mother. Don't restrict your research to just one side of your family, after all you probably talk with your cousins and aunts and uncles on both sides of the family.

Slocomb Family Tree: Researching Your Family History
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